1. King Salami and the Cumberland 3
    London, UK
  2. The Darts (US)
    Phoenix, Arizona
  3. Dirty Fences
    New York, New York
  4. Playboy Manbaby
    Phoenix, Arizona
  5. The Masonics
    London, UK
  6. The Cavemen
    Auckland, New Zealand
  7. Archie and The Bunkers
    Cleveland, Ohio
  8. MFC Chicken
    London, UK
  9. The Youth
    Copenhagen, Denmark
  10. Miss Chain & The Broken Heels
  11. Pussycat and the Dirty Johnsons
    London, UK
  12. Lucy and the Rats
    London, UK
  13. Les Grys-Grys
    Montpellier, France
  14. Muck and the Mires
    Boston, Massachusetts
  15. The Arrogants
    Lille, France
  16. Lyres
    Boston, Massachusetts
  17. The Embrooks
    London, UK
  18. Thee Vicars
    Bury Saint Edmunds, UK
  19. The Urges
    Dublin, Ireland
  20. The Routes
    Oita, Japan
  21. The Wildebeests
    London, UK
    London, UK
  23. d3o
    Coimbra, Portugal
  24. The Vipers
    Manchester, UK
  25. Hipbone Slim and the Kneetremblers
    Oxford, UK
  26. The Branded
    Malmö, Sweden
  27. Thee Exciters
    London, UK
  28. De Keefmen
    Klazienaveen, The Netherlands
  29. GONN
    Keokuk, Iowa
  30. The Dirty
    London, UK
  31. The Kneejerk Reactions
    Oxford, UK
  32. The Despondents
    Leeds, UK
  33. David Peter and the Wilde Sect
    Copenhagen, Denmark
  34. Beat Seeking Missiles
    Oxford, UK
  35. Johnny Throttle
    London, UK
  36. The Hentchmen
    Detroit, Michigan
  37. Hollywood Sinners
    Toledo, Spain
  38. The Loons
    San Diego, California
  39. The Kits
    London, UK
  40. Thee Gravemen
    Malmö, Sweden
  41. The Thanes
    Scotland, UK
  42. Atomic Suplex
    Croydon, UK
    Madrid, Spain
  44. THE DUSTAPHONICS: Healer Selecta's Rocknroll Soul Surf Revue
    London, UK
  45. The Priscillas


Dirty Water Records London, UK

The Dirty Water Club started in October 1996 in the Tufnell Park neighbourhood of north London, at a venue called The Boston. The club and label's name is derived from The Standells' 1966 hit 'Dirty Water' which glorifies the US city of Boston, Massachusetts. ... more

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